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The modern world relies on a vast energy supply to fuel everything from transportation to communication, to security and health delivery systems. Petroleum, otherwise known as “crude oil,” has become the resource most used by countries worldwide including Russia, China and the United States of America. With all the oil wells located around the world, securing the petroleum being harvested has become a main issue. In other countries, energy security has historically been a lower priority. Our fabulous nation, the United States of America, has continued to increase its dependency on imported oil. Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC, is saying enough to this dangerous trend attitude. We must materialize our energy independence. Read More…


Bronald Oil & Gas, in order to better serve our customers, plans to explore, acquire, and distribute natural gas in a safe, reliable,

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Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that the United States receives maximum benefit from its petroleum and natural gas resources by engaging directly

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We are a market-focused, process-centered company that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our customers. We must stay

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Our Retailer

The African-Union Petroleum & Energy Company (AUPEC), is now selling energy products for Bronald Oil & Gas, LLC.

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