About Bronald Oil & Gas

“Promoting Responsible Energy Consumption Practices.”

Building a culture committed to effective stewardship, continuous improvement, and pure performance.

We are a Limited Liability Company (LLC), registered in the State of Florida for the purpose of offering a viable solution to the energy crisis plaguing the United States of America and the rest of the Americas. Our company shall also provide environmentally sustainable alternative solutions to offset the adverse effects these fuels have on Earth’s population and ecosystem.

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Our Vision

The driving force behind our company is the desire to spread environment consciousness by promoting responsible energy consumption practices.  Natural Gas.​  Dismissed as a useless byproduct of crude oil production until the second half of the 20th century…Natural Gas now accounts for 23 per cent of the world’s energy consumption. And that demand is growing.  An environmentally friendly and efficient energy source, natural gas is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel, producing lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions than heavier hydrocarbon fuel such as coal and oil. Historically, natural gas also has been one of the most economical energy sources.Natural Gas fuels electric power generators, heats buildings and is used as a raw material in many consumer products such as those made of traditional plastic.  The International Energy Agency predicts that the demand for natural gas will grow by approximately 44 per cent through 2030.

Company Profile.

Oil has powered the Globe in the form of transportation fuels for over a century, and demand is expected to grow over the long term. Global energy demand is projected to increase by fifty three percent (53%) in the next thirty five years. Oil, coal, and natural gas are expected to meet most of that demand. The world has produced about one trillion barrels of crude oil to date. Over the next century or so, approximately two trillion barrels more are expected to be produced from conventional proved reserves and undiscovered conventional oil. Bronald Oil & Gas, LLC will produce additional supplies. Other unconventional oil resources, such as the extra-heavy oil in Venezuela, oil sands in Alaska, and shale oil in the United States are also expected to meet the demand. Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC is positioned to deliver outstanding operating and financial results, by aggressively building and managing a balanced portfolio of oil and gas properties in the African continent. This shall be accomplished by building a culture committed to effective stewardship, continuous improvement, and pure performance.