The African-Union Petroleum & Energy Company, (AUPEC) is now selling
Energy related products for Bronald Oil & Gas, LLC..


Our Upstream business searches for and recovers crude oil and natural gas. It liquefies and transports natural gas, and operates the infrastructure needed to deliver both oil and natural gas to market. The Upstream business also extracts bitumen especially thick, heavy oil – from oil sands and converts it into synthetic crude oil. We are also developers of wind power as a means to generate electricity.


Our Downstream business manages Bronald Oil and Gas’s refining and marketing activities for oil and gas products. Refining includes manufacturing, supply and shipping of crude oil. Marketing sells a range of products, including fuels, lubricants, bitumen and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), for home, transport and industrial use.  The Downstream business also trades crude oil, oil products and petrochemicals – including supply to our own businesses – and markets gas and power. In addition, Downstream oversees Bronald Oil and Gas’s interests in alternative energy (excluding wind) and solar power.