/ Think.

Natural gas now accounts for twenty-three percent (23%) of the world’s energy consumption.

/ Change.

The Global demand for green energy and natural gas is projected to grow by fifty-three percent.


/ Progress.

Bronald Oil and Gas (BOAG) is fully equipped to deliver outstanding operating and financial results..

The driving force behind our company is the desire to spread environmental awareness, by promoting responsible energy consciousness practices. As a fossil fuel company, we are also dedicated to providing environmentally sustainable alternatives, designed to help our potential clients reduce their dependency on fossil fuels. We are offering viable solutions to offset the adverse effects some of our needed products have on the Earth’s population and our eco-system. Solar – Wind – Steam – Hydro – Just to name a few..


Solution: To save energy.

Bronald Oil & Gas, LLC is prepared to assist our Federal Government, by launching a massive energy saving campaign in all 50 States in the fall of 2014. We must bring home the awareness of a civil society”s obligation to become an energy saving culture, simply because it is turning out to be a National Security responsibility to be shared by the general public and the Federal Government.  No developed Nation on earth, can survive this kind of Energy irresponsible waste…


Solution: To become energy sufficient.

How can the United States of America become an energy sufficient Nation? This question can only be answered with a total change of Attitude, a change of behavior and real investment in the energy sector. Starting with a substantial reduction of our oil consumption, which will lead to a solid reduction of our oil import.


Solution: To invest in renewable sources of energy.

We must safely drill further and deeper into the ocean. We must also expand our gas conversion programs to facilitate a much greater use of our clean burning natural gas abundance. We must invest more in research and development of the many sources of renewable sources of energy,like Solar – Wind – Hydro – steam . Let’s not leave out the variety of bio fuels available to us right now.